Bun venit in secolul 21

Bun venit in secolul 21

Welcome to the 21st Century
Our communication    –   Wireless
Our phones                –   Cordless
Our cooking               –   Fireless
Our food                    –   Fatless
Our Sweets                –  Sugarless
Our labor                    –  Effortless
Our relations              –  Fruitless
Our attitude               –   Careless
Our feelings               –   Heartless
Our politics                –  Shameless
Our education             –  Worthless
Our Mistakes              –  Countless
Our arguments            –  Baseless
Our youth                   –  Jobless
Our Ladies                  –  Topless
Our Boss                     –  Brainless
Our Jobs                    –  Thankless
Our Needs                  –  Endless
Our situation              –  Hopeless
Our Salaries               –  Less and less

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