You’re only 4 and we need you alive!

You’re only 4 and we need you alive!

#EvaMaria has leukemiaIt is late in the night in Romania. Almost 2 AM (GMT+2) and I am following closely on a newly hashtag I created few hours back, #EvaMaria. It is the case of a 4 year old girl from Romania, who’s happy days were suddenly darkened by the most horrific news: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia L1. Her average crisis-hit Romanian parents cannot afford the expenses of her treatment or a possible surgery.

Looking at her image on the left, I am imagining the scary situation where any of my two children would be in the same situation. It is for this reason, and for so many more, that I decided to do more than merely donate, to act, to help and start this campaign for her.

I am proposing something very simple: donate at least $4 by PayPal and get minimum 4 friends to do the same. Why at least $4? Because it is a magical number, it’s EvaMaria’s age. She turned 4 today (January 27th 2011).

Of course you are most welcomed to donate as much as you can, but be bold, stretch your altruism and give at least $4 and have 4 other friends do the same. Tell them they can only get into this campaign if they do the same: donate at least $4 and have 4 other friends do the same and so on … So each of us (me + 4 friends = 5 people) would have donated $20 from a shot in phase 1 and multiply from there on.

Please post this message and campaign scenario to your blogs/forums/school sites/organizations and websites. Spread the news and let’s save ‘s life. She’s 60,000 EURO away from a healthy life. Many of you make money online and I am sure this will be a good opportunity not only to give back, but to test the trust and follow-up of your readers/customers and bring a beautiful idea to life: social media networks CAN produce more than just buzz around a story…we can help restore life.

Remember Ted Williams? – If online media helpedhim get from a homeless on the street, to a star online, we can surely save a girl’s life and restore her smile, can’t we?

Donate now your minimum $4:

Use the 125X125 banner below on your blog or website:

This is the HTML code for the banner:

UPDATE: We have launched the Facebook campaign page for Eva Maria.

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