Un nou serviciu de criptare web-based

Un nou serviciu de criptare web-based

encryptfree_logoAvand in vedere ultimele stiri despre cat de adanc ne este invadata viata privata, cred ca o sa gasiti foarte util acest site. Mai jos mailul primit de la fondator:

Hello Valentin,

Dewald Pretorius owner of SocialOomph.com here.

The recent revelations of the extent to which our privacy is being invaded have inspired me to put together a secure and free encryption service that is for everyone. It’s free of charge, it’s extremely easy to use, plus it is anonymous: https://www.encryptfree.com

In short, you use the free service to encrypt text you want to protect, paste the encrypted version into an email, tweet, Facebook post, Google Plus post, etc., and give the decryption password to the recipient. The recipient uses the site to decrypt the text using the password you used for encryption (only people who know the password can decrypt the text).

It is extremely simple to use. There’s nothing to install and nothing to configure. And as the name suggests, it will always cost nothing.

If you know someone who can use the site, please tell them about it. If you are so inclined, please tweet about the service and/or make blog posts about it, or make a Youtube video.

Please think of usage scenarios and tell other people about it. I think there are many people who would prefer a bit more privacy online, but don’t have the money to purchase or the technical know-how to set up commercial encryption software.

The EncryptFree service is intended for us, the proverbial „little people”.

Best regards,

Dewald Pretorius

Daca folositi sau stiti si alte situri similare, rog lasati un link in comments mai jos:

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