Combina surse diferite din Social Media ca sa produci un timeline sofisticat cu DataMaid

Combina surse diferite din Social Media ca sa produci un timeline sofisticat cu DataMaid


Am stat de vorba la HowToWeb cu Katarina Popovic, Lead Hustlerin la DataMaid. DataMaid a fost unul dintre startup-urile finaliste la StartUp Spotlight Competition de anul acesta, organizat la HowToWeb 2013.

Pentru ca discutia a fost in engleza si asa am inregistrat-o, va transcriu aici tot in engleza ce am povestit:


What are your core values?

Our team lives by one policy – no bullshit approach to work, people and fun alike.

We create inspiring tools because we believe technology should make you happier. In this century of creating and sharing we want to let people enjoy the content overload – to provide them with a tool to tell better, richer stories. To create new meanings, to waste less time on organization and to dive and re-dive into their experiences.


How big is your team, and how big do you want it to be in a year?

Our team now is 4 people. Two techies and two creatives. In a year – we are looking forward to people in our customer service speaking 10 different languages and providing killer service.


How are you funded?

We got funded by Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund. We are now living is Sofia, building the product and testing the market.


What’s the biggest factor slowing growth?

It is the fact that we would love to build it all at once. Given the scope of work and available finances, we will need to go in phases.


Who do you see as your biggest competitor?

The idea of DataMaid is to import content from other places, not to create more mess. Our competitors could easily be complementary. New media format that we are creating is really not competing with anybody.


What’s the five-year plan? Ten-year plan?

First five years – 3 big markets, happy customers who can finally have all their experiences complete and in one place. In the communication business –  dynamic timeline grows as a new media format. In ten years I will be reporting from Jamaica and building more amazing stuff.


What’s the market like for your service?

The application can be used as SAS or as B2C. From event live blogging (rich media experience at the speed of Twitter) to my own timeline from Hawaii, the potential is really big. As it recently turned out our first clients are advertising agencies – they can use the dynamic timeline as a new media tool for reporting or as a creative tool for campaigns. And that is no joke- to give you an example, the global advertising market is worth a trillion dollars per year and rising specially with the content marketing being the hottest at the moment.

DataMaid au fost foarte „pe faza” si, cu ocazia participarii la HowToWeb, au lansat un timeline #howtoweb public. Asta dupa ce au fost sfatuiti inteligent de Mike Butcher:

Cei care vreti sa va inscrieti, o puteti face la

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