Interview: Kirsten Campbell,  General Manager, Seedcamp (EN)

Interview: Kirsten Campbell, General Manager, Seedcamp (EN)

Am avut ocazia in cadrul evenimentului How to Web 2013 sa stau de vorba cu 3 dintre vorbitorii sositi de peste hotare si o sa va prezint in urmatoarele 3 zile mini-interviurile avute cu ei. Pentru ca mi-am pregatit intrebarile in engleza, ei vorbind doar engleza [:)] iar cu ei am discutat tot in engleza, o sa va arat atat lista cu subiectele ce mi le-am pregatit pentru fiecare din ei, cat si clipurile audio inregistrate „la fata locului”. Nu am editat nimic.

Astazi: Kirsten Campbell,  General Manager, Seedcamp

Intrebari pentru Kirsten

* How does an early-stage investor value a startup?
* Does a startup really need seed money? Why?
* What is the biggest determinant of a startup’s value?
* What are your specific criteria for investing in a company?
* What is your exit strategy?
* If you were to name 3 HOT topics for startups to focus on today, what would those be?
* What is your favorite (personally) company that you invested in?
* Can you name 1 resounding failure and 2 examples of great successes?
* What is „AngelList”?
* At what point into a presentation you’re officially bored? 🙂

Ce a raspuns Kirsten

Audio 1:

Audio 2:

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