Blogvio (EN)

Blogvio (EN)


Another interesting startup that I was happy to look into at HowToWeb,  was Blogvio, a platform that helps users add beautiful widgets on their website or blog using a powerful, three steps Editor. This is what they told me about their startup:

The core value proposition of Blogvio is the ability for anyone to easily design and publish custom widgets. At Blogvio there are 5 people working fulltime, and 2 part-time. We plan to raise money to grow to 17 people. We’re a bootstrapped startup, which is a great task in itself. We haven’t focused on user acquisition yet, having released our MVP only two months ago. We believe the biggest factor affecting growth will be the collection of widgets available for users.

Our biggest competitor right now we’d say is Widgetbox, but they are not really competition because they focus on platform dependent solutions.

The grand vision is to be the go-to-platform for content distribution. Anytime you build a site and want to share content, you should think about using a Blogvio widget, instead of building your own players, galleries, utilities.
There are about 500M users, out of which 48% are heavily customizing their websites. They are our target market.

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