How to Web 2010 Bucharest

This post is in English because of the international interest in the How to Web 2010 Bucharest. I just saw a tweet from @howtoweb saying that there will be no live streaming this year, so I though of a very simple solution: getting ON TIME to every session, make sure I get as close as […]

Revedere, week-end, 1 mai 2010

Zi de nastere. Tata e. Mama nu mai e. Bunica e. Revedere: cuplu, cuplu cu copii, tata, bunica, bunicu, strabunica. Vreme frumoasa. Drum aglomerat. Aer conditionat. Rasete de copii. Albinele musca daca le „mangai”. Avion din carton si aracet. Camasa noua. Rochita primita cadou.Familie incompleta. Stat scurt. De ce nu veniti mai des? De fiecare […]