Din seria „Clients from Hell”

Client: “[Indian outsourcer] says he can do this site for $200.  Why should I go with you?” Me: “Has he done any work for you in the past?” Client: Yeah!  He did [Other Site] for me. [I load the other site] Me: “The entire site’s done in Flash.” Client: “Huh?” Me: “It’s a site for […]

Cum sa faci o coperta de CD dintr-o coala de hartie

Folding How to fold the paper case: 1. Fold the left and right sides (lines labelled „1” and „2”). 2. Fold the bottom edge up to the line labelled „3”. Then fold it back. This part will be the pocket. 3. Fold the top edge down to the line labelled „4” and then fold it […]

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